A Healthy Christmas

Tourtière, dishes in sauce, foie gras, ham, wine, the Yule log… these dishes delight our taste buds during the festive season, but beware, they can also make us ill if eaten without moderation. Then it’s time for regrets: digestive problems, hangovers, lack of sleep, weight gain.

The festive season is a great opportunity to get together with family and friends. But all too often, the endless meals are spent talking, eating, and drinking. Often synonymous with excess, Christmas meals can be hard on the stomach. But it’s possible to make the most of Christmas by avoiding these ailments and staying in good health.

Here’s how:

1- Keep active

Don’t give up your physical activity – on the contrary, increase it! If you’re used to doing your favourite sport twice a week, increase this to 3 times a week. After all, you’ve got the time, haven’t you? Exercise helps to burn off the calories that tend to accumulate over the festive period, but above all it helps to reduce stress and take your mind off your worries.

2. Avoid overeating

With all the food temptations associated with the Christmas festivities, where time spent at the table goes on for hours, it’s sometimes hard not to succumb. Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve menus are often very high in fat, making digestion even longer. Remember to balance your meals and drink plenty of water. Above all, listen to your body.

3. Moderate alcohol consumption

Toasts are common during the festive season, and there’s no shortage of opportunities to raise a glass: a beer or glass of champagne as an aperitif, wine at the table, a little after-dinner drink for the rest of the evening… While having a drink is a good way to enjoy yourself, don’t overdo it, as alcohol can be harmful to your health.

4. Taking time for yourself

This festive time of year is a source of excitement. But sometimes invitations, organising meals and transport can be a source of stress and an accumulation of negative thoughts. Set aside some time for yourself. Take a walk, have a nap, do some breathing exercises, do a mindfulness meditation session, read, listen to music. In short, anything goes to recharge your physical and social batteries.

5. Prevent infections

Finally, the Christmas period is ripe with winter illnesses such as gastro-enteritis, colds, the flu, and yes, Covid – again. To avoid them, wash your hands several times a day and avoid touching contagious areas such as your eyes, mouth, and nose. Keep a safe distance from people who are coughing or sneezing and isolate yourself if you are ill.

By applying these few tips, you’ll no doubt be ready to start the New Year in good health and with peace of mind. That’s what we hope for you!


By Roger Lemay