Enjoying Fresh Air

Summer is the perfect timing to bring our indoor activities outside! It is also a good moment to learn about new activities either made unavailable or unappealing by winter. Here are some of them:

Via ferrata

Via ferrata is a circuit built on a rock wall. Equipped with climbing gear, you’ll have access to breathtaking landscapes. Some circuits are family-friendly, where others will attract the more experienced ones. Take note that climbing experience is not required to participate in a via ferrata circuit.

White water rafting

Whether it be in a kayak, canoe, miniraft or inflatable canoe, white water rafting will know how to thrill you. Some crafts are kids-friendly, so the activity can be done alone or with the whole family. Oars, ready, paddle!

Aerial adventure circuit

Aerial circuit is made of several types of structures hung up in trees. The installations will require you to mount, climb, slide, hang, and more! “Expert” level circuits will solicit your muscles, where “beginners” or “children” levels will make the smallest members of the family happy. For adrenaline lovers, most of the circuits are available at night. Fun guaranteed!


Not recognized to be a sport soliciting lots of physical aptitudes, golf nevertheless demands a technical accuracy which requires great muscular strength in the legs and upper body. Moreover, the larges distances covered on a golf course often equals many km of walking. Add those benefits to the concentration and calm required to play gold, and we instantly see that we have every interest to add this sport to our summer routine.


Improvement of the cardiovascular capacity and the work of musculoskeletal system: there are only advantages to practice tennis! Requiring just a little material, this is the ideal sport to train in all simplicity!


Contrary to the belief, archery is an excellent physical activity! Allying coordination, strength and control, this sport also allows to work on self-esteem and patience. Plus, all the family can participate in it!

Stand Up Paddle Board

Also known as SUP, this is a nautical sliding sport where we stand on a board, propelling ourselves with a paddle. Not only this sport allows you to go on a water adventure, where you’ll have access to magnificent scenery, it is also a good way to stay in shape. Standing up and paddling on a board, even at a low speed, solicitates the cardiovascular system and tones the muscles.

Outdoor Fitness Equipment

Those unique urban fitness circuits allow you to build your own outdoor training circuit thanks to a wide range of exercisers and callisthenia modules. You’ll find pull bars, benches, horizontal scales, climbing ropes and more, depending on the circuit. Descriptive panels with visual support are also available so you can use modules safely and effectively. 

The majority of the aforementioned activities have limited places, so be sure to register before you show up, and don’t forget that no matter the place, one thing stays the same: your security is the priority!