Ergonomics: almost nothing is required

Back pain from an ill-fitting chair, pain from repeated use of the mouse, screens that are too high or too low, shoulder inflammation, tendonitis… You’ve got to admit, we hear all the time about the little ailments that develop as a result of poorly configured workstations.

All too often, these little ailments get worse and turn into major musculoskeletal disorders, when all it would have taken was a basic intervention by an ergonomist to prevent them. And it often deconstructs fashionable misconceptions. Want an example? The famous “gamer” chairs, which may be beautiful to look at, very stylish, but all too often, in the long term, they create pain by compressing the shoulders.

At Olympe, more and more customers are asking us to make the appropriate corrections to avoid these problems! In most cases, the changes are minor but make a big difference. As in the Serge Reggiani song, “almost nothing is required”.

Our ergonomics experts analyze needs, observe employee behavior in the workspace and make the appropriate adjustments. Again, it’s not rocket science! All it takes is professional observation to analyze the corrective measures to be taken, which in most cases do not require any purchase, but simply adjustments to existing equipment and advice to the workers concerned.

At a time when a very large proportion of employees spend hours in front of a screen, organizations would do well not to neglect the ergonomic aspect. And the results are immediate: improved ergonomics reduce stress and boost staff motivation. It remains the best way of limiting the risk of work-related accidents and reducing the prevalence of MSDs, which in turn reduces work stoppages and absenteeism.

Want to find out more? Don’t hesitate to contact the experts at Olympe because, remember, healthy employees are your most valuable asset.


By Roger Lemay