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Mental health

Mental health


Promote psychological health and well-being in the workplace

We are presently witnessing a cultural shift in management models as well as a significant increase in mental health issues. Considering this new reality, Olympe is committed to assisting its clients with their reflection on the overall health of their employees.

The diversity and experience of Olympe’s team of professionals enables us to conduct a specific evaluation of your needs with the aim of establishing an action plan that respects your present situation while aligning with your organization’s values.

It is imperative to act now, not only during times of crisis, and take responsibility for the health of your workers to mitigate the impact of mental health issues in the workplace.
Our goal is to help your employees maintain their well-being by providing them with the necessary tools and resources.

At Olympe, we believe that the various levels of corporate management must work synergistically so that all employees can be happy and fulfilled in their environment. The proposed actions aim to achieve the goal of creating an inclusive and respectful environment for all by promoting open-mindedness and encouraging the de-stigmatization of mental health within the workplace.

  • Higher retention rate
  • Attracts talent
  • Provides benefits beyond productivity
  • Promotes increased employee engagement
  • More effective management of mental health risks
  • Valuing authentic leadership
  • Adds value for employees and employers
  • Development of a common language and shared values within the organization
  • Mitigating the rising costs of inaction
  • Essential elements for achieving a positive return on investment (ROI)

Range of preventative mental health services offered:

Specific needs assessment

Each company has its own set of particularities and, moreover, the cases related to psychological health are of an individual nature. This is why each of our interventions is specifically designed for your organization. As such, the first step is to clearly assess your needs to be able to deploy the right action plan.

Training and support for managers

Olympe offers managers the possibility of receiving personalized support allowing them to better understand the various challenges associated with mental health issues. It is imperative for managers to be adequately supported to ensure the development of healthy habits regarding their psychological well-being. This support is necessary for the proper reinforcement and management of the team.

The offer comes in two parts:

  • Offer personalized support to managers
  • Identify one’s stressors and develop stress management strategies
  • Develop self-management strategies
  • Learn how to recognize one’s limits
  • Learn how to articulate one’s needs
  • Develop emotional intelligence
  • Develop foundational human-centered leadership skills
  • Develop self-compassion
  • Learn how to use one’s emotions to benefit employee relationships
  • Develop a common language to talk about mental health
  • Demystify mental health
  • Know how to intervene with employees presenting various mental health problems
  • Develop the foundational skills of conscious communication

Peer support program

We can assist you in setting up a team of peer helpers in addition to providing these individuals with the required training for a functional support program. Moreover, if such a team already exists in your company, we can supervise the established team by offering on-going training.

Setting up a team of peer helpers in your workplace can help you:

  • Identify and act quickly in response to psychosocial risk factors
  • Reduce disability and sick leave requests
  • Improve organizational culture by promoting mental health
  • Make better use of the EAP


Consult our conference offerings in mental health and well-being.

“La Psy-Cause” annual awareness program

Understand, Feel, Act
A series of twelve sessions lasting approximately 10-12 minutes addressing various topics relating to the development of a positive approach and a responsible attitude towards one’s psychological health.

Target clientele:

  • Managers and employees

Note: The contents of this program can be adapted and tailored according to the needs of your organization.

These sessions are followed by a discussion aimed at:

  • Deepening the theme
  • Creating space for speaking and getting to know oneself and others
  • Participating in supervised guided exchanges
  • Benefiting from the experience and support of a group environment
  • Nurturing the feeling of belonging to the organization while valuing the human dimension

Psychological health workshops

Team support provides a systematic vision of the various organizational issues to better understand the strengths and challenges of the system. The objective of these workshops is to establish an action plan that enhances the individual strengths of the group while acting on the challenges.

Team workshops provide a better understanding of:

  • Mental health issues
  • Communication models within the company and how to identify the associated issues
  • The emotions experienced by the team members and how to give each member space to speak and validate their experiences
  • The basics of responsible and non-violent communication within the team
  • The potential of the observer’s posture
  • Situations where tension is present
  • The problem solving process

Content / suggestions:

  • Mental health issues workshop: understand-intervene-act
  • Basic principles of communication workshops
  • Managing emotions in work relationships
  • Establishing the basics of conscious and benevolent communication in business
  • The basics of mindfulness in everyday life workshop
  • Human-centred leadership workshop
  • Problem solving workshop

The Olympe experience (off-site)

Live an extraordinary experience:

  • Team building workshop (offsite) uniquely crafted by our team

  • Opportunity for self-transcendence and the development of cognitive and experiential skills

  • Possibility of having a prestigious personality offering a speech central to the theme and the activity

  • Introductory meeting to establish a plan of action

  • Intervention in a natural and adventurous setting

Health and wellness space

Development of health and well-being spaces

Multisensory spaces and rest/meditation rooms promoting cognitive restoration and calmness.

Ergonomics and mental health

Influence of psychological factors on work organization.


  • Remote work
  • Office ergonomics
  • Load handling
  • Industrial ergonomics
  • Design ergonomics

We are the experts in integrating physical activity, health and wellness in the workplace.

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