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Placement of staff


Hire outsourcing with us

Our team lightens businesses and supports them in meeting labor needs by recruiting the personnel they are looking for and supervising them through outsourcing.

We specialize in the recruitment of healthcare personnel, occupational health and safety as well as in communication. Lighten your schedule, entrust us with the mandate and we will find you the best talents [email protected].

Our commitments

Dynamic, positive, professional and dedicated, we offer continuous support to our employees who work outsourced. Our personalized services both in business and in the public sector offer a sustained and highly qualified workforce with our daily support and our support for their professional development.

Obtain the services of our professionals to fill full-time or part-time positions, on a permanent, temporary or casual basis.


Olympe offers you the possibility of using the services of its nurse technicians and clinicians, kinesiologists or nutritionists to meet specific health needs and work in the following areas:

  • Home Care
  • Corporate care
  • Nursing departments in hospitals
  • Private medical clinics
  • CLSC, CHSLD, vaccination sites
  • Construction sites


We can recruit communication or marketing experts with graphic design, writing, editing and other skills to support you in:

  • Graphic design
  • The development of strategic campaigns
  • The realization of corporate productions
  • The production of advertisements
  • Management of social networks

Health and safety

Acquire specialized talents in health and safety and ergonomics to carry out the major projects of your organization. Our specialists can take care of:

  • Industrial hygiene
  • Ergonomics at work
  • Health and safety display
  • Global prevention in OHS
  • Management of CNESST files

We are the experts in integrating physical activity, health and wellness in the workplace.

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