Take part in the Enterprise Challenge!

With teleworking, colleagues have fewer chances to interact and having friendly chit-chat. Communications are frequently focus essentially on the job and professional relations can also take a hit. This phenomenon can lower your team engagement toward the company.

We have observed a growing demand for virtual engagement activities. This is why Olympe reviewed on if its most popular activities to fit this new model. It allows your employees to gather virtually just for fun and all our clients who tried it were very satisfied with the results. The goal of the Joy and Well-being activity is to recreate a feeling of complicity throughout your employees and create pleasant new memories.

Joy and Well-being is a two hour-long activity where your teams will have to challenge each other through four trials ranging from a pop quiz to an evasion game. The team that will gather the most points will be awarded the first place and a winning price given by your business if you wish for one. Our animation team will also highlight the best behaviors and dynamism through the trials.

Contact Olympe to plan your own Joy and well-being challenge and spark enthusiasm and engagement in your teams!