The importance of signage

In 2024, signage has become an essential tool in organizations for communication, marketing and space management. No company, especially a factory, can do without them.
Great news! That’s exactly what we do at Olympe!

We offer our customers, particularly those in the industrial sector, a wide range of original, exclusive and innovative signage products.

But let’s start at the beginning. What is the definition of signage and why is it so important?

Signage is a means of visual communication that helps to orientate, inform and ensure the safety of workers and visitors, both inside and outside a company. It comes in a variety of media and formats, such as signs, pictograms, logos, screens and more. It facilitates navigation in a given space, by indicating the direction, location and function of places. Another example, signage makes it easy to locate offices, meeting rooms, toilets and emergency exits.

In areas wheremachines, toxic products, heat sources or high voltage are present, for example, the pictograms on the posters are there to prevent the worst. Imagine a factory with employees from different countries, who speak neither English nor French too well. For them, pictograms – pictorial drawings with a clear message – are the cornerstone of workplace safety.

Let’s face it: signage saves lives!

It can also inform customers or visitors about products, services, events or rules to be observed. For example, signage can display menus, prices, opening hours, safety instructions and more. More broadly, it also reinforces an organization’s brand image and visual identity, using colors, materials, designs and messages adapted to its sector of activity, values and target audience.

Over the years, we have developed a wide range of tools that benefit our customers. Discuss your needs with us, at Olympe, we’re idea generators at the service of your objectives. Don’t hesitate, you’ll see how creative we can be!


By Roger Lemay