Top 5 summer activities

Long live summer and all its opportunities. It’s time to jump in the water and get on our bikes. For teens and children, this is the perfect time to practice team sports, including soccer, which continues to gain ground. For others, here are some sports suggestions, including their physical benefits.

1. Road and mountain biking: Quebec has never had such a well-developed cycling circuit as it has in recent years. If you don’t own a road bike and you have a tight budget, check out the classified ads (Marketplace, Kijiji, LesPac), where you can find great bikes for a fraction of the price. The same goes for mountain biking, with trails all over the region and close to towns. Dopamine production guaranteed.

2. The famous paddle: also known as stand-up paddle, this sport is accessible to all. Even at a moderate pace, it stimulates the cardiovascular system, strengthens the legs and abdominal muscles, and sharpens the balance. Can be practiced on lakes as well as rivers.

3. Walking, trekking, hiking: these terms are synonymous and basically designate any activity related to hiking. Sometimes in wild forests, on trails, in the mountains or in urban parks, this activity has the advantage of being a low-cost family activity. Less intense than running, walking nevertheless gives your joints, muscles, tendons and cardiorespiratory system a workout.

4. Swimming: gently strengthens joints, soothes of arthritis and osteoarthritis pain and works all the muscles. Much better for cooling off in hot weather than an air-conditioning unit.

5. Kitesurfing, sailing, windsurfing: Quebec has plenty of water where you can have fun with the wind. There’s no better way to improve balance and strengthen shoulders and abs. Getting started isn’t always easy, but you’ve got to stick with it, be persistent and patient.

Above all, these activities are good for the mind. The feeling of self-fulfillment is such that they relieve stress and encourage socializing. They’re like natural antidepressants.


By Roger Lemay