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Offer an effective health and wellness program

By offering a health and well-being program to your employees, you create a healthy environment where they feel confortable which comply with their own values. You will then discover their best facets of creativity, commitment, loyalty, respect and pleasure! Our team can help you take concrete action to improve the well-being of your employees.

Our coaches are trained to handle all aspects of designing and executing a wellness program, from activity planning, to employee engagement and reporting. We offer customized solutions to meet your company’s budget and objectives.

Olympe has acted for nearly 40 years as a partner with major employers in their efforts to promote health.

Complete program

Many companies already have a wellness program in place, but are looking for tools and resources to optimize employee engagement and ensure the sustainability of their program when other companies are just starting to show interest in it. Olympe offers to create the health portrait of your organization to develop a program that corresponds to the needs and culture of the company.


  • Assess current status and set goals, priorities and budget
  • Establish the communication and employee engagement plan
  • Make adjustments regularly to achieve and maintain goals
  • Perform periodic monitoring of success indicators and future plans

Personalized support

To properly conduct a health and well-being program, our professional coaches profile the lifestyle habits of your organization. We then propose an action plan that meets your needs and we support you in implementing mobilizing actions.


We suggest that you develop an approach centered on the four spheres of to the  “Healthy Enterprise” rules of the Bureau de normalisation du Québec (BNQ) which sets guidelines and guides organizations in their human resource management strategies.

  • Promote healthy lifestyles
  • Promote professional and personal balance
  • Offer a healthy work environment that promotes health, including equipped premises
  • Promote management practices and organizational methods conducive to well-being in the workplace

During the process, your employees will be invited to complete the online health questionnaire offered by CGI. Everyone will receive their personalized and confidential Health Profile and will be equipped to initiate their own reflection on their health and lifestyle.

The proven tool that aggregates results will help identify the elements requiring intervention in your company to plan and guide health programming. This is a unique opportunity to obtain the company’s health profile and to collaborate collectively in the health and well-being process.

Action plan

A successful start of the program is a key phase in the process of obtaining the required credibility within an organization and facilitating employee buy-in. Following the diagnosis, our team accompanies you for each step.

  • Accompany the bearer of your company’s file
  • Evaluate the company’s health profile and make recommendations
  • Adjust as needed to achieve and maintain goals

It is then that we propose an action plan addressing the themes to be prioritized among the following:

Healthy management
Mental health
Family-Work Balance
Physical activities
Drug and alcohol use
Prevention of chronic diseases

Recommended actions 

Whether your company’s primary health and wellness goal is preventing cardiovascular disease, improving physical fitness, mental well-being, eating habits, or weight management, ‘Olympe offers you several services:

  • Individual consultations for each employee (fitness, stress management, relaxation techniques, meal planning, etc.)
  • Organize dynamic activities (launch, conferences, training, etc.)
  • Facilitate workshops on mental health (psychological distress, challenge of work-family balance, anxiety, teleworking: adapting to maintain your health, etc.)
  • Propose challenges related to physical activity or healthy lifestyles
  • Design personalized programs
  • Advisor (company food offer, recognition, respect, etc.)
  • Plan and lead awareness campaigns (nutrition, sleep, etc.)

Benefits of the program

Improved health and well-being results in attraction and retention of personnel, reduced absenteeism and enhancement of the employer brand. Our wellness solutions are fully customizable to help you achieve your goals within your budget guidelines. Together with your teams, we ensure the smooth running and sustainability of your health and well-being program.

Support for certification

If desired, our team can accompany you to obtain one or other of the levels of certification to the “Healthy Enterprise” standard, prevention, promotion and organizational practices conducive to health and well-being in the workplace (CAN/BNQ 9700-800/2020), of the Bureau de normalisation du Québec.

Thus, with certification, you will be able to stand out from the competition, gain the trust of your customers and that of your employees by continually offering the best ways to ensure health and well-being in your business

We are the experts in integrating physical activity, health and wellness in the workplace.

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