Would my employees benefit from a training program?

Maybe you are wondering if a service of custom-training program for your teams is pertinent, or if it would benefit them at home or at work. This article should help you to see the different options!

Is a program only for people who wish to build muscular mass?

A complete program only includes what has been deemed necessary for the person who will use it. Following an initial consultation, the program will be tailored for the person and include a schedule to follow, a set number of physical activities for the benefit of the user. This will allow the user to coordinate his or her efforts and movements to avoid wear injuries, mental discouragement, and too long activity periods. The program will be crafter around the personal goals of the individual be it a worker that wish to move a bit more or the athletes that have a performance goal.

My employees do not have access to a gym in the office, why would a program be useful?<

Even without access to training equipment, the plan will include activities available during the week. Outdoors activities, active transportation and online yoga classes can all be taken into consideration. Depending on the employee goals, muscular exercises, body weights and cardio with equipment available at home can be added.

What will happen in the meeting where the employee gets the program?

Olympe, when we give the program in person or virtually, we first review the activity schedule established in the first meeting. This meeting allows the client and the trainer to review how the plan is going so far and talk about the obstacles met and adjust the plan if needed. Then, the kinesiologist demonstrates how to do the exercises and examine the client while he does the same movement and suggest adjustments if needed. It is also a great period to discuss any questions from the employee.


Throughout the weeks, unsuspected difficulty could arise. This is the reason why a professional trainer’s help will increase the success rate on a short to medium term. Contact Olympe if you want to talk about training plans for your employees!