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Visionary entrepreneur

Olympe was founded in 1984. The idea of ​​its founder, Pierre Audet, was to provide specialized services in physical activity and well-being to businesses. Olympe innovates by offering companies tailor-made awareness programs focused on the adoption of behaviors that promote the health, safety and well-being of workers. Over time, the expertise has diversified to meet the needs of its clients with the hiring of specialists in fields as kinesiology, psychology, ergonomics and communication. Today, the company is a strategic partner for the physical and psychological health of employees and managers in various work environments.

Olympe now has two places of business (Saguenay and Montreal) as well as satellite offices in the other regions of Quebec, which allows it to provide provincewide service “It’s a little more than I imagined at the start, but that’s what happens when you listen to your customers and then make your consultants available to them” adds Peter.

Olympe has been responding for nearly 40 years to requests from various audiences with a concern for personalized follow-up. It is the only company that brings together several initiatives to improve health, well-being, ergonomics, the development of communication tools and the placement of personnel in kinesiology, communication and nursing care.

Olympe designs tailor-made tools for companies that offer the best return on their investment and allow their employees to reach their full potential.


We provide businesses of all sizes with health, wellness, ergonomics, corporate communication and placement of personnel in companies.

Our measurable solutions meet the organizational imperatives of employers and the needs of their employees.


  • Integrity, a willingness to tell it like it is
  • Respect, which is expressed through an understanding of the dynamics specific to each organization
  • Commitment, i.e. full involvement in customer relations
  • Collaboration, a place where mutual aid and teamwork are at the heart of our ways of doing things
  • The passion, the people of Olympe are approachable, energetic and involved

Throught the years

In the 1980s, selling health and wellness programs for businesses was practically science fiction because it was so avant-garde. Pierre Audet wanted to find a prestigious name that would represent health, training, ergonomics and quality of life at work. Olympe, which in Greek mythology refers to the domain of the gods, has stood the test of time!



Peak performance



Physical activity and wellness in the workplace.



Creativity at the service of well-being in the workplace



The quality of life at work.



Keeping business healthy



Experts in the integration of physical activity, health and well-being in the workplace.


Pierre Audet

Pierre Audet

Founding President
[email protected]
418 590-7162

William Audet sport gym

William Audet, P.Eng.

Managing Partner
[email protected]
438 889-9253

Denis Lapointe

Business Development Director, Health and Wellness
[email protected]
418 455-0412

Nancy Boisvert, Psychologist MPs

Director of Psychological Health Programs
[email protected]
418 545-7260

Raphaëlle Audet

Head of Business Development
[email protected]
514 798-1911 #5401

Audrey Gendron

Financial Controller
[email protected]
418 944-5973

Cindy Laberge

Accounting Assistant
[email protected]
418 545-7260 #102

Marie-Michèle Tremblay

Strategic Development and Communication Coordinator
[email protected]
514 798-1911 #5407

Riad Haddadi, Ergonomist M.Sc. Kinesiologist B.Sc.

Ergonomics Director
[email protected]
514 798-1911 #118

Florence Potvin Gravel

Corporate Communication Manager
[email protected]
418 545-7260 #104

Audrey-Anne Thibeault Gaudreault

Production Coordinator
[email protected]
418 545-7260 #101

Karl Juneau

Graphic Designer
[email protected]
418 545-7260 #105

Patrice Perron

Graphic Designer
[email protected]
418 545-7260 #106

Alexandre Lévesque-Allaire

Kinesiologist Manager
[email protected]
438 275-8526

Antoine Bilodeau

Kinesiologist Manager
[email protected]
418 545-7260 #113

Julie Mazerolle

Group Course Coordinator and Instructor
[email protected]
514 475-7353

We are the experts in integrating physical activity, health and wellness in the workplace.

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