Sleep: a health ally

March 19 2024 marks International Sleep Day. We can’t stress enough the importance of sleep, a vital requirement for our health and well-being, both physical and mental. It recharges our batteries, strengthens our immune system, protects our heart, stimulates our brain, regulates our mood and appetite and enhances our creativity.
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Ergonomics: almost nothing is required

Back pain from an ill-fitting chair, pain from repeated use of the mouse, screens that are too high or too low, shoulder inflammation, tendonitis… You’ve got to admit, we hear all the time about the little ailments that develop as a result of poorly configured workstations.
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When should one seek professional help?

Knowing when to seek help is not always easy, and we often tend to wait until we’re at the end of our tether to ask for help. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, we tend to believe that we can do it all on our own, and many people still see asking for help as a sign of weakness.
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A Healthy Christmas

Tourtière, dishes in sauce, foie gras, ham, wine, the Yule log… these dishes delight our taste buds during the festive season, but beware, they can also make us ill if eaten without moderation. Then it’s time for regrets: digestive problems, hangovers, lack of sleep, weight gain.
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Energizing or energy-draining physical activity?

Since energy cannot be reserved for later, we need to learn how to manage it daily. Not all physical activities are equivalent in terms of energy expended and associated health benefits. So here are the differences between energizing and energy-consuming activities:
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5 reasons to invest in ergonomics

If you’re an organisation manager, you may be wondering why you should invest in ergonomics? The benefits are numerous, and the impact is tangible and immediate. At Olympe, we’ve been working for decades with companies that want to maximise their employees’ workstations, and we can measure the effects. Read more

Ready to hit the slopes?

Gone are the days of November… there’s finally snow! Many people are looking forward to hitting the slopes at our alpine and cross-country ski centres. Then there’s snowshoeing, which is already very popular, and the number of trails is increasing all the time. What all these activities have in common is that they put a lot of strain on the lower body, and it’s a good idea to get properly prepared before hitting the slopes and trails. Here’s some advice:
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