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Conferences and workshops Olympe provide your audience with the opportunity to acquire, thanks to our experts, important notions on a host of subjects and to quickly integrate a theoretical basis into action through simulations, tests and games. In addition, training allows everyone to obtain skills and expertise related to the labor market.

All these tools, contents or durations, can be adapted on request.

Active living

To be hot and ready for action, warm up first!

Workshop | 20 minutes
  Led by a kinesiologist
Is your work physically demanding, or on the contrary, very static? Be aware that both carry risks of injury. Learn warm-ups that are easy to integrate into your workplace to prevent or reduce discomfort.

How to run and perform without injury?

Conference | 1 h
Presented by a kinesiologist
Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned runner, adopt best practices before, during and after a ride. Food, running technique, equipment, put the odds on your side to avoid injuries.
Optional Workshop: Improve your running technique in a group | 30 minutes

Actualizing active living

Conference | 1 h
Presented by a kinesiologist
Learn the basics of training and demystify the secrets of getting into shape for long-lasting, effective results. This conference will give you the tools you need to take action and stay active.
Optional workshop: Cardio test on bike | 15 mins/person

Tips for staying active on a daily basis

Conference | 1 h
Presented by a kinesiologist
Training seems inaccessible to you and the motivation is not there? This conference will help you adapt physical activity to your daily life and set realistic goals.

Mental health and wellness

The balance challenge

Conference | 1 h
Presented by a kinesiologist and a psychologist
Short on time? Can’t catch your breath anymore? Maintaining a balance between work and personal life is a constant challenge. Get tools to maintain or restore balance in your life!

Shift work and managing lifestyle habits

Conference | 1 h
Presented by a kinesiologist
Obtain a wealth of information on diet, sleep, physical activity and the impact of personal choices to adapt your lifestyle to your atypical schedules.

Sleeping’s first aid kit

Conference | 1 h
Presented by a kinesiologist
Have you ever had sleep problems? Do you have any right now? Know that you are not alone. Restorative sleep is an essential part of good job performance. Attend this conference to learn more about the causes of sleep disorders, but also about how to reconnect with the famous sandman.

7 strategies to overcome stress and anxiety at work

Conference | 1 h 30
Presented by Stéphane Migneault, psychologist
During the conference led by a psychologist, participants will discover 7 strategies for managing stress and anxiety. More specifically, they will become aware of the thoughts, attitudes and behaviors that feed or maintain stress and anxiety.

5 simple and effective techniques to reduce stress in 10 minutes

Workshop | 1 h 30
Led by Stéphane Migneault, psychologist
Are you or your employees experiencing stress? To remain efficient and pleasant to be with, stress management is essential. How to go about it? A simple, effective, inexpensive and accessible avenue: practice one or more relaxation techniques.

A checkup for your emotional health!

Conference | 1 h 30
Presented by Stéphane Migneault, psychologist
Once a year, you may see your family doctor for a physical checkup. But what about your psychological health? During the conference, you will have the opportunity to take an emotional health check. You can then take stock of your mood, stress, sleep, energy, balance in the seven spheres of life and your social network.

Building Healthy Team Dynamics at Work in Canada: Free of Violence

Conference | 1 h
Presented by Christèle Gran-Villeneuve, CHRP – Coach
Workshop-conference on the prevention of violence and harassment at work, with an emphasis on prevention measures for employers and leaders. Introduction to psychological health and well-being and overview of the legal framework.

My health, my priority

Conference | 1 h 30
Presented by a kinesiologist and a psychologist
This conference aims to provide managers with a better understanding of mental health issues so that they can develop effective strategies for maintaining overall health for themselves and their teams.

The art of conscious communication

Conference | 1 h 30
Presented by a psychologist
Caring communication is a cornerstone to maintaining a healthy and safe work environment. Becoming aware of how we communicate and relate to each other is the foundation for responsible and authentic communication.

Communicating with different personality types

Conference | 1 h 30
Presented by Stéphane Migneault, psychologist
The conference will make you discover, with the help of examples, personality dimensions that can influence the nature and quality of communication. It will be an opportunity to better understand certain tensions or misunderstandings observed or experienced at work. The speaker will not fail to suggest, like a coach, tips for better communication with various types of personalities.

Mental health preventive management practices in the workplace Understanding − Feeling − Acting

Training | 3 h 30
Presented by Nancy Boisvert, psychologist
This training course is intended for organisations wishing to implement preventive mental health management practices to protect and prioritize the psychological health of their employees. In dealing with the key principles of communication, health safety issues, workloads, and many other elements, this training course raises managers’ awareness of the main psychosocial risks in the workplace.

5 minutes from YOUR finish line!

Workshop | 1 day
Led by Mireille Massé, M.Sc.
Discover in this workshop the most convincing health and well-being tools to date for increasing your sense of accomplishment every day, while maintaining a balanced life! Become a smart, active professional, able to manage daily discomforts and stress. As a bonus, increase your concentration and creativity!


The secrets to a posture without injury — Office ergonomics

Conference | 1 h
Presented by an ergonomics specialist
Office work requires long static hours. Poor posture and poor layout can cause pain and discomfort. Discover techniques to be comfortable and efficient in order to reduce the risk of injury.
Optional workshop: Recommendations + adjustments | 1h per person

Load handling

Conference | 1 h
Presented by an ergonomics specialist
This interactive presentation will help you identify risky situations and provide you with concrete tips for keeping your body healthy when handling loads. You will also be challenged to test your body’s strengths and weaknesses.
Workshop included: Exercise practice | 30 minutes


Do you have
specific needs?

With the help of an ergonomics specialist, equip your employees to adopt good work methods according to your reality, in order to prevent accidents or injuries.

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Sports nutrition concepts

Conference | 1 h
Presented by Isabelle Morin, nutritionist
How to eat right for training and performance in sport?
This conference is aimed at all physically active people who wish to better understand the concepts of healthy eating in a sports context.

Popular diet and healthy eating

Conference | 1 h
Presented by Isabelle Morin, nutritionist
How to make sense of it all?
This conference is aimed at anyone wishing to better understand the effect of popular diets and eating habits on health and weight management.

Boost your performance at work through diet

Conference | 1 h
Presented by Isabelle Morin, nutritionist
How can you eat well to maintain a constant level of energy throughout the day?
This conference is aimed at employees and managers who want to understand how their eating habits influence their energy levels throughout the day, as well as their performance at work.

Corporate life

Fun and wellbeing

Workshop | 2 h (Virtual) or 3 h (Present)
Led by kinesiologists
This friendly activity allows employees to get to know each other better, have fun and communicate in an off-site context. In an interactive formula adapted for all, teams compete via four thematic stations to collect points and, perhaps, receive rewards! Warm-ups, games and challenges will be on the agenda!

Conflicts prevention

Conference | 1 h 30
Presented by Stéphane Migneault, psychologist
Prevent potential conflicts by learning to communicate in a non-violent way in order to create a stimulating environment where respect and collaboration reign. This conference will allow you to become a better communicator, whether at work or in your personal life.

Peer support program

Training | Two days
Presented by a psychologist
This training aims at setting up a team of peer helpers in your company. It enables participants to recognize the warning signs of distress and suicidal behaviours and to develop the basic skills of conscious and caring communication. If such a team already exists in your company, we can accompany them by offering ongoing training and clinical support to update their knowledge.
Suggested groups of 8 to 12 participants

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