What ? Spring already ?

Springtime! What a beautiful rebirth; days are getting longer, the birds are singing louder, it is a pleasure to be back in this beautiful season that will lead us to summer. However, for sports and physical activities, it is an in-between. So what to do? You can’t trade in your cross-country skis for water skis overnight, so how can you keep yourself busy? Since there is more to life than sports, here are some suggestions.

See you at the sugar shack

It’s a typical Quebec tradition, a classic, and it’s a great way to start spring. Treat yourself, alone, as a couple or with your family, a little trip to a sugar bush. Sweet brunch, taffy on snow, syrup, you won’t be short of choices. A smile is guaranteed.

Take it easy in a Nordic spa

Long live hydrotherapy! Are you tempted by a little sunbathing comfortably installed in a spa? Spa is a stress reliever, not to mention that today’s companies offer a host of complementary services such as massages and others.

Enjoy the last few weeks of skiing

Although the snow is starting to melt everywhere, the ski season is not over! You can still take advantage of spring conditions with all the benefits that come with it. Spring skiing, with animation, music, and light clothing, is very popular.

A little trip in the city

If you don’t live in a big city, why not treat yourself to a little weekend in Quebec City, Montreal, Charlevoix. Terraces are starting to open and the streets are clearer, offering routes for long and beautiful walks. Get away!

Enjoy bird watching

As spring sets in, migratory birds return to fold. There are various places to watch them and maybe you have access to one not too far from home? In addition to the Canada Goose, there are other birds that can be observed such as the Snow Goose, the Meadowlark, the Chimney Swift and the Red-throated Hummingbird.

Spring cleaning

Okay, so it’s not the most interesting activity, but strangely, spring cleaning can be very satisfying in addition to be a medium intensity physical activity. Because the best way to put your mind in order is sometimes to put your things in order…


By Roger Lemay