Hassle-free winter fun

Many winter sports provide exhilaration and excitement because of their relationship to sliding and speed. However, there’s many different ways to have fun in winter that don’t involve sports!

Winter walking

Walking with snow on the ground involves the cardiovascular system, leg muscles (to perform each stride) and core muscles, (keeping your balance). Besides being calm and relaxing, a simple stroll in the fresh winter air also generates an increase in well-being.

Meditation in the sun

Snuggled in under the blankets, in front of a fire or comfortably seated on a reclining chair enjoying the calm of a snowy landscape, it’s great to just breathe and meditate. In addition to the many benefits of meditation, is a good dose of vitamin D from the sun even if you only have your face and hands uncovered.


Have you ever seen a shovel used as a sled? It can easily be carried in a backpack and you can slide on any snowy slope. No matter if you slide down a few slopes while hiking, or with the family to slide for hours, fun and laughs are guaranteed!

Winter camping in a lodge

This activity is increasingly popular, even tho it requires a bit of planning ahead of time. Several companies and government organizations offer fully equipped lodges in the heart of the great outdoors, ideal for experiences on snowshoes, skis and outdoor bonfires. You’ll absolutely love it!

With all these options, you will certainly find an activity to your liking and according to your needs… Winter 2022 is well underway and all this beautiful snow is pure white gold! Go out and have fun!