Sebastien, kinesiologist at Olympe since 2006

I have been part of the Olympe family as a kinesiologist for the better part of the last 14 years. What I like the most about the health and well-being in the workplace is that it is where I can reach a maximum of peoples at the same time.

I have been working at Pfizer since 2018 where I am coordinating the physical activities and I am also a member of the health and well-being committee. I manage both large scale activities and private sessions. We try by all means to bring people to maintain healthy habits. Be it the first step toward being active or simply to maintain good habits we have plenty of ideas to help everyone in life or even in the actual context. We offer live or recorded Web classes, a 10-week metamorphosis program, health and well-being podcast and, of course, our personalized advice on a daily basis.

As a consultant in health and well-being, my passion for health in the workplace allowed me to gain skills as a manager, panelist, group class instructor, trainer, diet coach, personal trainer and of course as a kinesiologist. Since the containment started, our reality changed, but the goal stays the same: adapt to help people.

In the end, whatever is the way you wish to optimize your health and where you are on that path, Olympe will always be ready to help you reach your goals.

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