Summer is the perfect time to get moving!

On Saturday, June 1st, lace up your sneakers and get outside to celebrate National Health and Fitness Day, which focuses on improving our well-being by making physical activity part of our daily routine!

June marks the beginning of the summer season. And with summer comes the opportunity to get out and stretch your legs. Of course, the more athletic among us don’t let winter dampen their spirits, but for many others, the summer months offer conditions that make it easier to integrate physical activity into their daily routine.

There’s no need to bundle up to venture outside, warm up the car to get to the gym or, worse still, stay cooped up all day because you’re not really into winter sports. All you need to do is put on some good shoes and perhaps, if necessary, a tracksuit, and step outside to enjoy all that the beautiful season has to offer.

A breath of fresh air at low cost

The beauty of summer is that we can get busy with simple activities that require few resources or preparation, whether at work or in our free time. We can think of simple things like:

  • Prepare a light snack to eat outside;
  • Take advantage of lunchtime to go for a walk with your colleagues;
  • Organize outdoor games during work breaks;
  • Offer outdoor tai chi sessions at lunchtime;
  • Walk or share a bike for short trips;
  • Park further away and walk further to do your shopping;
  • Walk the dog (dog required);
  • Picnicking in the park;
  • Gardening at home or in a community garden;
  • Participate in volunteer chores (ex.: park clean-up);

More than just physical benefits

Beyond the physical benefits, simple outdoor activities are an excellent way to take your mind off things, especially when you’re at work, or to create opportunities to get together with family and friends. In this way, it promotes better personal balance and contributes to general well-being.

So, use your imagination and make the most of summer, while doing yourself some good.

On that note, enjoy your summer!


By Hervé Charbonneau