5 common sports wardrobe mistakes

Be it to go for a walk during winter, playing outside with the kids, playing on the living room carpet with the kids or for a serious training, all activities can justify an appropriate attire. Considering the multiple options available and the different qualities let’s review together the five most common mistakes about sports clothing.

Wear 100% cotton clothes

Sportswear should contain breathable components. The clothing experts have elaborated different fibers that help evacuate sweat from inside out. Therefore, you should avoid short sleeve t-shirts made of cotton that are so popular in physical education classes. Cotton is an absorbent and is getting heavier while you sweat during an effort. On the other side, sportswear that is made of lighter fibers and strategically placed netting will breathe and are less cumbersome. They will also prevent sweat from dripping on the training bench.

Clothes that are to tight

If you prefer your work clothes to your sportswear, it might be because it is too tight and uncomfortable. They can make you look better and improve your shape, but sometimes it has the opposite effect. To combine the advantages of a tight fit apparel and comfort, pick a piece of clothing that contains spandex, a synthetic fiber. That type of clothing will improve your silhouette and will be comfortable.

Clothes that are too large

If it is not to preserve boy warmth before training to avoid injuries, you should avoid to large clothes because they restrain your movements. They can also make us forgot the appropriate technique of execution of our movements mostly when we are training in front of a mirror. On the same note, your online kinesiologist will be able to do a better evaluation of your movement if they do not have to guess your posture and movements.

Keeping your jewellery on

You might a sworn that you would never remove your wedding band, but you could ruin them if you are training with metallic objects. Some kinds of materials can also spark an allergic reaction when they are in contact with sweat. So it is better for you to keep your jewels safe in a drawer or a locker while you are training

Stay in your training outfit

Good sports clothes can draw the sweat and humidity out of your body giving you the impression that you can stay in them even when your training is complete, but it is actually the opposite. It is better for you to take a shower afterward and change your clothes so you can remove any bacteria or humidity left on your body and your clothes, which will wear them down on the long run and render them less efficient.

We hope this will help you while choosing your next sports outfit!