5 tips for happy hiking

It’s such a treat to enjoy the great outdoors in all its splendor! However, no matter if you’re going for a long or short excursion, it’s important to be prepared. Below are a few tricks to make your experience a truly memorable one:

Know your itinerary

If you’re setting out for new territory, take the time to look at a map or a website for details on the distance and elevations. You’ll then be able to better manage your hike with the time you have available. It’s also wise to tell a friend or loved one before leaving.


Wearing proper footwear

Comfortable sneakers are fine for hikes on flat ground, with no elevations, but hiking boots are required for mountainous or rocky terrain. Boots keep your ankles stable and offer better balance. Anti-slip soles are your best choice.


Wear suitable clothing

A multi-layer clothing system is always a winning combination. Firstly, because the weather can change and also because your body will change in temperature at different times depending on the effort. It’s therefore easy to add or remove layers as needed. Avoid wearing cotton as a first layer and opt more for a synthetic fabric followed by a wool layer or polar fleece. A waterproof windbreaker will protect you from the wind and rain, in addition to an extra pair of socks which is always a wise choice. Lastly, wear long pants to prevent bug bites and scratches.


Don’t over pack your bag

A bottle of water (or your preferred drink), a snack (nuts, dried fruit, granola bars) and a change of clothes are essential and should always be packed in your bag for short hikes. It’s also a good idea to add a small first aid kit, sunscreen, bug spray, a Swiss army knife and matches.


Why not even a walking stick?

Some hikers love them, others not so much, it’s all about personal choice. A walking stick improves balance and helps to absorb shock, thus protecting the knees and the hips.


Happy trails and don’t forget to stay hydrated!