A trainer who lost her will to train – The story of Stephanie

Stephanie, a kinesiologist for Olympe was a teacher for an average of 15 group classes each week. She moved between locations on her bicycle even during winter. When she got a promotion to coordinator of a physical activity center, she had to let go of most of her group class. At that point she did not realize that it would have a negative impact on her physical condition.

That sudden diminution of physical activity would only get worst since the Government ordered the shutdown of all physical activity centers two months later as one of the first steps to protect people from the pandemic. After a couple of weeks of a complete sedentary lifestyle, Stephanie realized that for the first time, her lifestyle was not keeping her physically fit anymore.

To get back on track, she used a lot of resources that were already available to her. After a bit of home remodeling for training purpose, she used online platforms like Olympe Knxions to make a game plan that would help her get back on track with her physical activity’s habits.

When physical activity centers reopened, she started to use her bicycle again to move around town. A prolonged sedentary lifestyle can have lasting effects even for physically fit persons. She now must deal with some usage injuries and even admits that she sometimes to get off her bike to take her breath but is on the way to complete physical capabilities recovery.

Everyone has challenges to maintain an active lifestyle and even if kinesiologists are dedicating most of their time to physical activities, they are not sheltered from those kinds of events.