Acroyoga, to what purpose?

What are the benefits of practicing acroyoga? That is a question that keeps getting asked! This relatively unknown sport resembles acrobatics, practiced according to the fundamental principles of traditional yoga. Here are three spiritual benefits and three physical advantages of acroyoga.

Spiritually, acroyoga improves…

  1. Self-confidence
    Each new successful figure feels like a new achievement. Acrobat, balanced on the legs of the other, or supporting your partner, you’ll constantly reach new heights and get out of your comfort zone.
  2. Trust in the other
    Fear can be present at first, but experience will gradually make you trust your partners and spotters, who will always be there to catch you in case of a fall.
  3. Communication and complicity
    Acroyogis hold hands, literally and figuratively. A person will never lay on or get off the ground without a helping hand. Good oral communication is also essential to the success and security of everyone, especially with your head upside down.

Physically, acroyoga enhances…

  1. Strength and muscular endurance
    The fight against gravity will train your muscles and develop their endurance. Through fluid figure transitions, muscles will work the same way as those of a circus artist.
  2. Postural balance
    Holding yoga postures with your partner’s legs as a base knows no equal when it comes to instability, and will work on your balance like no other.
  3. Proprioception
    Thanks to a constant change of positions (face to the ground, face to the ceiling, head upside down, twisted body, etc.), acroyoga necessarily improves the capacity to understand where your body is located in the space.