Increase your daily movements quantity

It is a good idea for people of every age groups to adopt a lifestyle that encourages moving daily and plan periods of time where we step out of our comfort zone with a more intense and supported effort. In this article we will present you with different ways to add some movements to your activities, so your day looks more like Joe’s and less like Ann’s (see image below) and doing so, decrease your sedentary levels to less than ¼ of your day.

It is easy to believe that the top three characters share an active lifestyle since they all do the same amount of sports. If you are not a trainer or a professional athlete, it is likely that you do not train more than one hour each day. In this illustration, you can clearly see that it is important to sit less and move more. These two elements have a great impact on your sedentary level and will contribute to lowering the associated health risks.

A simple way to start the transformation is to add more movements gradually to your routine, like siting less often and for a shorter period each time. Try to stand up as often as possible to fill your water bottle or take a walk in your office when you are talking on the phone if it is possible. This is also a good way to rest your eyes and lower your screen time a bit, lower your stress and improve your overall mood.

When this is on the way, you can increase your physical condition by planning fast pace walking sessions, by subscribing to a training Web service that you like or by using your lunch hour to make some small bike rides around the block!