Ergonomics: almost nothing is required

Back pain from an ill-fitting chair, pain from repeated use of the mouse, screens that are too high or too low, shoulder inflammation, tendonitis… You’ve got to admit, we hear all the time about the little ailments that develop as a result of poorly configured workstations.
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5 reasons to invest in ergonomics

If you’re an organisation manager, you may be wondering why you should invest in ergonomics? The benefits are numerous, and the impact is tangible and immediate. At Olympe, we’ve been working for decades with companies that want to maximise their employees’ workstations, and we can measure the effects. Read more

Here’s a refresher on best practices in ergonomics

Back at the office? 2022 marks the first official post-pandemic return to work!

Since employees are gradually going back to their workplaces, it’s the perfect time to talk about best practices in ergonomics. Office work requires long hours sitting down, bad posture and improper desk layout can cause pain and discomfort.
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Make your posture better when teleworking

If your teleworking office has not been thought ergonomically, after a whole year working from home, you might have developed pain in your neck, shoulders and/or back. Here are some tips and tricks to help you improve your posture or to avoid making your pain chronicle in the future.

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