March, Nutrition Month: a 6-point reminder

We shouldn’t wait for a particular month of the year to focus on our diet. Eating well should be a daily concern. Be careful, concern is not synonymous with obsession! Counting calories one by one, putting a definitive cross on chocolate or chips, is perhaps a bit excessive. Remember, that you have the right to treat yourself with anything, as long as it’s in the right amount. Aim for caloric balance at the end of the week.

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Chocolate and health: truth and false

Easter is coming soon! Like most religious rituals, those associated with Easter are no longer practiced in Quebec society. The big TV networks, French and English, remind us by their programming that this is a break that was once emphasized in a great way by Christianity. Charlton Heston’s movies invade the screen, Ben Hur and Moïse become the heroes again, for a long weekend.

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Lunchbox success!

Back in the office after months of working from home?

You’re still at home and in charge of the family lunches?

Did you over-indulge during vacation and want to get back on the right track?
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4 ways to decrease obesity stigmatization

According to the World Health Organization, obesity is when the body mass index (BMI) is beyond 30. It is a chronic disease with multiple sources: environmental, metabolic, cultural, educational, psychological and many others. Even if this information is known, the public and the medias are frequently downplaying its complexity to a lack of physical activity and bad food habits.
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The importance of staying hydrated

Summer is finally here! Time for patios, outdoors, BBQ’d delights and afternoons at the beach! Even though sunny days and warm weather have a positive effect on morale, it’s important to remember that heat and physical activities accelerate dehydration, mainly through perspiration and where in lies the importance of staying hydrated!

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